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Eleanor Roosevelt’s Margarine Commercial (1959)


The former First Lady of the United States was featured in this 1959 margarine commercial. After years of anti-margarine campaigns in the US, “Good Luck Margarine” needed the boost of a celebrity. Although margarine had become very popular in the US as a cheap butter substitute from the end of the 1800s onwards, anti-margarine lobbies and butter producers tried to push against this trend. In fact, by 1884, margarine had become illegal in New York and in several other states. Even after this ban was lifted, margarine was heavily regulated in many creative ways, including legislation that demanded margarine be dyed in colors that would make it easily distinguishable from butter – pink, for example. Could you imagine spreading pink margarine on your toast…?

Mrs. Roosevelt for Good Luck Margarine (1959) – commercial by Ogilvy & Mather

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