11 Retro Foods that don’t seem like food anymore


Grandma’s chicken soup, mom’s apple pie, grilled cheese sandwiches – there are some foods that we take comfort in, and that give us a sense of nostalgia. And then there are foods that we don’t ever wish to see again. You be the judge of whether these mid-century dishes even seem like food anymore. We sure don’t miss them:


1. Summer Supper: Chicken n’ Vegetable Aspic Salad (Fresh Sunkist Lemons Ad, Family Circle, 1953


Who doesn’t love chicken in gelatin form? Hey, at least there are fresh Sunkist lemons to save the day!

2. Stained Glass Spectacular (from Knox Gelatine’s The Grand Performer, 1970s)


Stained Glass Spectacular? That’s one way to describe it. Did they steal this from a church window?

3. Igloo Meat Loaf (Family Circle, January 1967, advertisement for the American Dairy Association’s Kid-Pleasin’ Meals)


Apparently mashed potato-covered meatloaf igloos were popular in the mid-20th century?

4. Chopped Chicken Liver Paté (Curtin Publications, 1973)


Right, because chicken liver paté covered in aspic AND glazed in aspic is definitely a good way to control your weight.

5. Hellman’s Party Potato Salad (Woman’s Day, July 1970)


Ick! We’ve never heard of this Party Salad but we’re sure that people at the party would scramble. “Sorry…Gotta go…the babysitter called and Jimmy has a horrible cough and we have to go”…to Olive Garden or Red Lobster or anywhere they don’t serve this!

You get extra credit for the clever flowers on the side!!!

6. Boiled Plum Pudding (Better Homes & Gardens, 1970s)


Beware of desserts that might have acne.

7. Cold Ham Mousse (The Creative Cooking Course, 1975)


Complete with multicolor cream cheese stuffed eggs. No words.

8. Gazpacho Salad Mold (The McCall Publishing Company, 1973)


So here’s a tip: if you can bite into your gazpacho, something went wrong.

9. Garden Salad Ring (Good Housekeeping, 1952)


“Who could say ‘no’ to a salad like this?” We could.

10. Steak with Jell-O and congealed creamed applesauce (General Foods Corporation, 1980)


Because we like our dinners bouncy.

11. Crown Roast of Frankfurters (Weight Watchers, 1969)


Since when is 1 pound of frankfurters considered watching your weight?

Are there any other mid-century American dishes that you just don’t miss? Tweet them at us here or tell us all about them in the comments!

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